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Neighbourhood Legal Services strives to provide up-to-date information from reputable or influential sources about what is happening in the community and on a larger scale. Here you can find a list of the articles and posts we have shared relating to our services and your legal rights.

News Highlight

Jeff Schlemmer with Neighbourhood Legal Services of London and Middlesex said the new rent rules also help protect tenants: “Where you had buildings built after 1991, if a tenant tried to enforce their rights, the landlord could increase their rent to an amount they knew they couldn’t afford and evict them.”

– Jeff Schlemmer, Executive Director and staff lawyer at NLSLM discussing the new rent rules introduced this year in the Rental Fairness Act. (Savings on the way for many tenants; 26 November 2017, lfpress.com)


Tools to fill affordable housing gaps up at planning committee (25 October 2018)

Ontario moves to hold minimum wage at $14 and end paid sick days (23 October 2018)

‘This Tent Saves Lives’: Community response group ready to help London’s drug users (3 October 2018)

Toronto should build housing to fight homelessness, says U.S health expert (2 October 2018)

Amazon raising minimum wage for US workers to $15 per hour (2 October 2018)

Community leaders urge Ford government to resume opening overdose prevention sites (1 October 2018)

Tory renews calls for province to change rules on TCHC evictions (30 September 2018)

Future of London’s overdose prevention site expected to be decided this weekend (28 September 2018)

Anti-poverty advocates say small minimum wage hike would have helped (26 September 2018)

Ontario government to halt minimum wage hike set to kick in next year (26 September 2018)

Ford Says He Won’t Let ‘Kathleen Wynne And Her Cronies’ Walk Away From Spending ‘Scandal’ (24 September 2018)

Landlords developing house rules on cannabis (21 September 2018)

Ontario will have $15B deficit, not the $6.7B the Liberals projected: finance minister (21 September 2018)

Public health boss: Supervised drug-use site makes financial sense (21 September 2018)

MLHU to present business case for 2 permanent supervised injection sites in London (20 September 2018)

How our libraries can help the homeless (19 September 2018)

OW and ODSP Rates and the OCB 2018 (September 2018)

Mayors ask Ottawa to take over Ontario’s basic income pilot project (6 September 2018)

Helping Folks Vote in the Municipal Election (September 2018)

Mayors ask Ottawa to take over Ontario’s basic income pilot project (6 September 2018)

What every renter needs to know about tenant’s insurance (5 September 2018)

The right to appeal a decision about social assistance (September 2018)

23 overdoses, 0 deaths reported at temporary overdose prevention site in August: MLHU (31 August 2018)

Helping people with mental health disabilities access ODSP: An expert report on the complexity of mental health treatment in Ontario (30 August 2018)

What students need to know before signing a rental housing lease (29 August 2018)

Ontario jobs numbers contradict fears about raising the minimum wage (29 August 2018)

Ontario Renovates Program (28 August 2018)

Basic Income Recipients Will Sue Ontario Over Cancellation (28 August 2018)

Subsidized Youth Transit Pass (27 August 2018)

Holiday to mark legacy of residential schools spurs range of reactions (19 August 2018)

Ontario’s Social Assistance System: 100 days to fix it or to break it? (16 August 2018)

No, Ontario’s Minimum Wage Hike Didn’t Kill Jobs. Here’s The Proof. (3 August 2018)

People disappointed in changes to Ontario social assistance (1 August 2018)

Policy statement on cannabis and the Human Rights Code (July 2018)

Health unit meets with those living near proposed consumption site in London (26 July 2018)

Quebec health minister says Ontario’s plan to reconsider supervised injection sites a mistake (25 July 2018)

What are landlords allowed to ask? A lawyer weighs in (19 July 2018)

London’s public health officer seeks extension for temporary overdose prevention site (18 July 2018)

London’s shelters are too maxed out to help Toronto house refugees (16 July 2018)

Council set to approve subsidized teen bus pass (25 June 2018)

Doug Ford orders public sector hiring freeze in Ontario (18 June 2018)

Income security reform at stake with Thursday’s election (6 June 2018)

Racial Justice Report Card Shows Where Political Parties Stand on Racial Equity and Racial Justice (30 May 2018)

On the Radar – Voting on June 7 (June 2018)

Ontario’s Political Parties on Income Security & Social Assistance Reform (May 2018)

Your letters: Tribunal openness will hurt the vulnerable (5 May 2018, thestar.com)

Your letters: Tribunal ruling undermines privacy rights (11 May 2018, thestar.com)

This temp agency worker shows up at the same office every day. But his agency says he’s not a real employee (11 May 2018, thestar.com)

GoodLife Fitness settles unpaid wages class action (9 April 2018, thestar.com)

Liberals roll out social housing funding to keep 55,000 units in system (4 April 2018, thestar.com)

An Important Message from the Housing Stability Bank (28 March 2018)

Paralegal looks to stop unlicensed agents at LTB (12 March 2018, lawtimesnews.com)

Diplomatic immunity doesn’t cover rent, judge rules (2 February 2018, cbc.ca)

Ontario landlords seek right to immediately ban marijuana use in rentals (22 Jan 2018, theglobeandmail.com)

Is rule banning cats unreasonable, unenforceable in condos? (13 Jan 2018, thestar.com)

London protesters slam Tim Hortons for ‘not treating workers fairly’ (10 Jan 2018, lfpress.com)

New CRA tax-filing service for low-income individuals (Jan 2018, Canada.ca)

‘Angry’ premier, labour minister to crack down on businesses over labour law (9 Jan 2018, lfpress.com)

No Timmys Tuesday? Support grows for boycott of popular coffee chain (8 Jan 2018, globalnews.ca)

New provincial zoning regulations could help create more affordable housing, in more places (8 Jan 2018, lfpress.com)

Wynne: Pick a fight with me Mr. Joyce, not those working the Tim Hortons pickup window (5 Jan 2018, thestar.com)

Sexual harassment could play a part in gender pay gap (5 Jan 2018, thestar.com)

Government ‘negligent’ in its failure to address mental health needs, says MPP Peggy Sattler (4 Jan 2018, lfpress.com)

London Hydro: Unpaid bills skyrocketing amid deep freeze (4 Jan 2018, lfpress.com)

Minimum wage increases could lead to 60,000 fewer jobs by 2019: Bank of Canada (3 Jan 2018, thestar.com)

Free prescription drugs now available for anyone under 25 (2 Jan 2018, cbc.ca/London)

Technology, skills training helps local shops survive minimum wage hike (2 Jan 2018, cbc.ca/London)

Subsidized transit pass for low-income Londoners now available (2 Jan 2018, globalnews.ca)

December 2017

Residential Tenancies Act Changes – January 1, 2018 (29 December 2017, sjto.gov.on.ca)

Steps to Justice has information about new rules that will let people take longer parental leaves (December 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

Ontario Lifts Financial Burden Off Families in Need with OHIP+ (19 December 2017, news.Ontario.ca)

Steps to Justice has information about the new critical illness leave to care for family members and children under 18 (December 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

As Temperatures Fall, No Halt To Evictions Across Most Of The Country (18 December 2017, npr.org)

Supreme Court rules employees can allege workplace harassment against people from other companies (15 December 2017, cbc.ca)

How Londoners experiencing homelessness are getting through the cold snap (15 December 2017, cbc.ca/London)

Woman, 93, arrested for not paying rent (14 December 2017, clickorlando.com)

Police board shifts meetings to city hall to increase transparency (14 December 2017, cbc.ca/London)

Tenant fighting to get back $3,200 after finding cockroaches, mould on move-in day (12 December 2017, cbc.ca)

Woman who says her employer docked pay for washroom breaks will have human rights hearing (13 December 2017, thestar.com)

Wallaceburg senior who withheld rent for pest control bill won’t face eviction (13 December 2017, lfpress.com)

96-year-old Wallaceburg woman facing eviction after dispute over bed bug extermination bill (11 December 2017, lfpress.com)

CRA to review disability tax credit applications after backlash from diabetics (8 December 2017, cbc.ca)

New Airbnb rules will ban Toronto owners from offering up basement apartments (7 December 2017, thestar.com)

Adult children in parental care to be eligible for provincial child support (7 December 2017, thestar.com)

Employers need to review policies in wake of Ontario’s labour law changes: experts (6 December 2017, thelawyersdaily.ca)

Advocate for Protections for Vulnerable Ontarians (5 December 2017, opicco.org)

Steps to Justice now has information about travelling outside Ontario when you’re getting OW or ODSP (December 2017)

Why free naloxone is ‘turning the medical model on its head’ (5 December 2017, cbc.ca)

How to get your benefit payments while staying in a shelter (4 December 2017, Canada.ca)

Londoners struggle to find full-time work, census data shows (4 December 2017, lfpress.com)

Canada’s National Housing Strategy – Implications for Ontario and the Toronto area (1 December 2017, wellesleyinstitute.com)

How are women with disabilities affected by violence that is different from other women? (1 December 2017, legalaid.on.ca)

November 2017

Healthy food for a month would put some low-income Londoners in debt (30 November 2017, cbc.ca)

Human Rights Commission launching inquiry into racial profiling by Toronto police (30 November 2017, thestar.com)

London is number 1 when it comes to people who don’t work (29 November 2017, cbc.ca)

Ontario Helping Survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Access Affordable Housing (28 November 2017, news.ontario.ca)

Savings on the way for many tenants (26 November 2017, lfpress.com)

Canada responds to years of pressure from community advocates by recognizing housing as a human right (24 November 2017, righttohousing.wordpress.com)

Ontario urged to make ending child poverty an election issue (21 November 2017, thestar.com)

Law society initiative to improve diversity is about justice not politics, lawyers say (20 November 2017, thestar.com)

Steps to Justice now has information about street checks, also called carding (November 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

Mental health association urging all public venues to stock naloxone kits (20 November 2017, thestar.com)

Ontario moves to boost equal-pay protections for temp agency workers (16 November 2017, metronews.ca)

‘She played us like a piano’: Landlord fights for months to evict tenant with long criminal history (12 November 2017, cbc.ca)

Report Released: A Roadmap for Change (November 2017, incomesecurity.org)

Proposed welfare reform plan includes 22% boost to payments (2 November 2017, thestar.com)

Where you live should not harm your health (2 November 2017, cela.ca)

Paying a person’s social assistance to someone else (November 2017, cleo.on.ca

On welfare reform, Ontario urged to ‘just do it’ (2 November 2017, thestar.com)

Province urged to act on unlicensed group homes (1 November 2017, thestar.com)

October 2017

Respite centres are welcome, but just stop-gap measure for homeless: Editorial (30 October 2017, thestar.com)

Steps to Justice now has information about proving to Ontario Works that you qualify for assistance (October 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

Steps to Justice now has information about applying for Ontario Works if you don’t have permanent status in Canada (October 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

‘Pensioners are our most vulnerable’: Better protection needed for retirees, says advocate (26 October 2017, cbc.ca)

Provincial government announces $1M for transitional mental health care in London (26 October 2017, globalnews.ca)

Legion says affordable housing project could get some ex-soldiers off London streets (26 October 2017, lfpress.com)

Young people the focus of new mental health clinic in London (25 October 2017, globalnews.ca)

Rental unit overrun by maggots, mould and feces after city program fails landlord (25 October 2017, cbc.ca)

Increase in self-service retail technology leaves bleak outlook for cashiers (24 October 2017, thestar.com)

Y.O.U. announces $1 million gift from family of Joan Smith for planned downtown London housing complex (24 October 2017, globalnews.ca)

Pregnant woman ‘sick of waddling’ gets judge to serve unborn baby eviction notice. It worked (23 October 2017, nationalpost.com)

Lawyers challenging part of Law Society of Upper Canada plan to address racism (23 October 2017, thestar.com)

Liberals accused of tax grab by clawing back disability credit for diabetics (22 October 2017, thestar.com)

Public hearings loom for London supervised-injection sites (20 October 2017, lfpress.com)

New legal clinic aims to address Black communities’ most pressing needs (20 October 2017, nowtoronto.com)

Parkdale tenants protest eviction, landlord says repairs, renovation needed (19 October 2017, thestar.com)

Drugs surpass car crashes as city’s No. 1 killer, health unit says (19 October 2017, cbc.ca)

College strike the tip of the temp-work iceberg, expert says (18 October 2017, thestar.com)

Mississauga’s affordable housing strategy excludes city’s most vulnerable: critics (17 October 2017, mississauga.com)

New report highlights precarious work place for hotel housekeepers (17 October 2017, thestar.com)

Toronto highrise tenants will soon know if they’re ‘living in a fire trap’ (16 October 2017, thestar.com)

Steps to Justice now has information about re-applying after going off Ontario Works (October 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

Tell Canada’s Prime Minister to make affordable housing a human right! (October 2017, acto.ca)

It is stressful to be poor, and that stress can keep people in poverty (12 October 2017, vice.com)

Policy statement on the duty to accommodate under the Ontario Human Rights Code (12 October 2017, ohrc.on.ca)

People With Disabilities in Poverty Trap, Says Report (12 October 2017, thetyee.ca)

Canada Could Abolish Poverty With A Basic Income (11 October 2017, huffingtonpost.ca)

A guide to changes to the Condominium Act: Reasonable Doubt (10 October 2017, nowtoronto.com)

Canada’s Working Poor Nearly Doubles Since 2002 While Middle Class Shrinks: Poll (10 October 2017, huffingtonpost.ca)

“Rent control vs. housing supply” is the debate landlords and developers want us to have (5 October 2017, torontoist.com)

Unanswered Questions about Basic Income (5 October 2017, hamiltonjustice.ca)

Ontario Expanding Worker Protections for Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence (5 October 2017, news.ontario.ca)

New protection for tenants when a landlord wants to move in (October 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Steps to Justice now has information about when OW and the ODSP can pay all or part of your assistance to someone else for you (October 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

National housing agency looks to Airbnb for help to boost number of affordable units (4 October 2017, thestar.com)

Mind the Gap: Repairing Canada’s Social Safety Net with Human Rights (3 October 2017, acto.ca)

September 2017

Tenant in wheelchair faces tough choice after learning elevator repair will take five weeks (26 September 2017, cbc.ca)

Recycling plant ordered to pay $1.33M in fines, back wages (25 September 2017, thestar.com)

OW and ODSP Rates and the OCB 2017 (September 2017, incomesecurity.org)

Hamilton politicians approve “ground-breaking” poverty reduction spending (21 September 2017, thespec.com)

Councillors to landlords: Keep the air conditioning on (20 September 2017, thestar.com)

Liberals poised to make housing a right in new homelessness strategy (19 September 2017, timescolonist.com)

Increases to asset limits and gift amounts for people on social assistance (September 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Challenges launched over disability benefit rate (11 September 2017, lawtimesnews.com)

Undercover in Temp Nation (8 September 2017, thestar.com)

Public asked for input on customer service rules for Ontario energy utilities (7 September 2017, oeb.ca)

Ontario relaxes rules on support, medical coverage for people with disabilities (1 September 2017, thestar.com)

July 2017

‘Tremendous injustice’ as migrant workers sent back to Jamaica (27 July 2017, cbc.ca)

City politicians lift ban on ‘granny flats’ in neighbourhoods near Western and Fanshawe College (27 July 2017, globalnews.ca)

Wynne promises small-business relief to offset minimum wage hike (26 July 2017, thestar.com)

London city council votes down motion to publish fire code convictions (26 July 2017, globalnews.ca)

BBC’s pay gap dispute shows power of transparency: Wells (26 July 2017, thestar.com)

How community legal clinics are breaking down barriers for Indigenous people: Reasonable doubt (24 July 2017, nowtoronto.com)

Go-time or no time for campus-area granny flats (23 July 2017, lfpress.com)

Ontario’s minimum wage hike too much for auto parts manufacturers, industry group says (21 July 2017, cbc.ca)

Women, recent immigrants to see big benefits from minimum wage increase (21 July 2017, thestar.com)

TTC worker compensated for lost wages after being arrested, suspended (20 July 2017, thestar.com)

‘Struggling to keep up:’ Fire chief says not enough staff for timely inspections of rental properties (19 July 2017, cbc.ca)

City committee rejects proposal to make fire code violations public (19 July 2017, globalnews.ca)

Challenging the Wage Gap: How access to childcare is related to the gender wage gap (18 July 2017, globalnews.ca)

Why landlords don’t want fire-code convictions made public (18 July 2017, cbc.ca)

Ontario’s planned overhaul of its labour laws, including raising the province’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, drew both opposition and support at a hearing by MPPs Monday in London (18 July 2017, lfpress.com)

Why Are So Many of Us Rejoicing in a Rooming House Becoming a Condo? (17 July 2017, torontoist.com)

Homeless man at centre of social media uproar charged in assault at Byron pharmacy (17 July 2017, globalnews.ca)

Challenging the Wage Gap: Canadian women still earn less than men (17 July 2017, globalnews.ca)

Fight isn’t over! Help us strengthen Bill 148, and fight for more! (16 July 2017, 15andfairness.org)

Homeless man’s arrest in London garners huge social media response (16 July 2017, globalnews.ca)

Despite ‘deplorable’ conditions, police and health officials are ignoring residences that offer services to vulnerable residents (16 July 2017, thestar.com)

Ontario Needs a Raise (13 July 2017, policyalternatives.ca)

Steps to Justice now has information about Collection Agencies (July 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

Employment Insurance Appeals Process Under Review: Have your say before the July 21 deadline! (July 2017, incomesecurity.org)

Ontario wants your input on a $15 minimum wage (10 July 2017, cbc.ca)

Average rent in Toronto passes $2,000 a month, report finds (7 July 2017, thestar.com)

Steps to Justice now has information on working when you’re on Ontario Works or ODSP (July 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

It’s time to tear down the “welfare wall” for persons with disabilities (4 July 2017, thestar.com)

Changes coming for Ontario workers (July 2017, cleo.on.ca)

June 2017

Ontario gets it right with move to higher minimum wage (30 June 2017, theglobeandmail.com)

Economists support $15 minimum wage in Ontario (29 June 2017, progressive-economics.ca)

Meet Daniel Mazzone: Once a homeless teen, now one of Toronto’s most sought-after artists (25 June 2017, thestar.com)

Wynne government should dump cruel panhandling ban: Editorial (25 June 2017, thestar.com)

Ontario Capping Rent Increases at 1.8 Per Cent for Tenants in 2018 (23 June 2017, news.ontario.ca)

Delays in implementation of Rental Fairness Act anything but fair, critics say (21 June 2017,cbc.ca)

Delays in implementation of Rental Fairness Act anything but fair, critics say (21 June 2017, cbc.ca)

Toronto tenants left in the dark on fire inspections (20 June 2017, thestar.com)

What you need to know about Ontario’s rent control changes: Reasonable Doubt (19 June 2017, nowtoronto.com)

Emptied Kensington apartments appear on Airbnb (19 June 2017, thestar.com)

CPP Changes Do Little for Low-Income Earners, Study Finds (14 June 2017, thetyee.ca)

Councillors to receive public housing update at London city hall (12 June 2017, globalnews.ca)

Affordable housing apartments ‘create a mix’ in core (11 June 2017, lfpress.com)

Parkdale tenants disrupt hearing in protest over proposed rent hike (7 June 2017, thestar.com)

Tribunal airs One Rosedale Rd.’s dirty laundry (6 June 2017, thestar.com)

Former homeless man donates $10K to Ontario shelter that supported him (6 June 2017, thestar.com)

London Mayor Matt Brown to ask feds for social housing assistance (6 June 2017, globalnews.ca)

More Canadians seeking CPP disability benefits have denials overturned on appeal (4 June, 2017, thestar.com)

Parkdale rent strikes take protest to property owner’s front door (3 June 2017, citynews.ca)

Tenant showdown ratchets up in Rosedale apartment building (3 June 2017, thestar.com)

Toronto Life’s reno from hell shines a light on the housing plight of the poor in Parkdale: Keenan (1 June 2017, thestar.com)

May 2017

What happens when someone on ODSP gets a medical review date (May 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Parkdale property CEO nearly hits tenant advocate with truck (30 May 2017, thestar.com)

Maximum split over minimum wage hike (30 May 2017, lfpress.com)

Ontario raising minimum wage to $15 by 2019 (30 May 2017, lfpress.com)

Changing employee’s shifts after medical leave is discrimination (advocatedaily.com)

New accessibility laws should include rules for employment, inclusive buildings, transport (29 May 2017, thecanadianpress.com)

Kathleen Wynne’s modest blueprint for attacking precarious work: Walkom (26 May 2017, thestar.com)

East-end housing co-op worries about the community cost that comes with refinancing (25 May 2017, thestar.com)

London-Middlesex: Rogers is offering Internet service for just under $10 a month in London-area public housing (25 May 2017, lfpress.com)

27 homeless deaths in Toronto in just three months (25 May 2017, thestar.com)

Basic income hailed as way to give people chance to chase their dreams (25 may 2017, thestar.com)

Ontario Protecting Tenants from Unfair Rent Increases (18 May 2017, news.ontario.ca)

Ontario allowing employers to fire workers without cause (17 May 2017, thestar.com)

Steps to Justice now has information about medical reviews and the Ontario Disability Support Program (May 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

Steps to Justice now has information about participation requirements when you’re on Ontario Works (May 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

Why this activist says proposed new rental rules are far from ‘a done deal’ (11 May 2017, cbc.ca)

Don’t abandon impoverished people who need legal aid: Editorial (9 May 2017, thestar.com)

‘Lawyers are cheap’: Clerical workers go on strike at top Toronto labour law firm Cavalluzzo (9 May 2017, financialpost.com)

‘Difficult choices’ ahead for Legal Aid Ontario, review finds (9 May 2017, thestar.com)

Uniway to lead to end poverty (2 May 2017, lfpress.com)

Living wage examples add up for employers (2 March 2017, lfpress.com)

Mission Services latest living wage employer in London (2 May 2017, globalnews.ca)

Tenants’ religious rights violated by Brampton landlord who refused to remove shoes (2 Mar 2017, thestar.com)

April 2017

Widow takes feds to appeals tribunal after CPP benefits denied due to her age (30 April 2017, cp24.com)

Ontario Budget 2017: ISAC response and analysis (28 April 2017, incomesecurity.org)

Parkdale tenants kick off ‘rent strike’ to demand repairs, end to rent hikes (30 April 2017, thestar.com)

Assurance-emploi (April 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Welfare recipients see boost in asset limits in Ontario budget (27 April 2017, thestar.com)

Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot Project: What will it mean for people on social assistance? (27 April 2017, ISAC)

Landlords who evict tenants for their own use will have to offer compensation, proposed legislation says (27 April 2017, thestar.com)

OESP to benefit more consumers, increase credits by 50% (26 April 2017, oeb.ca)

London is moving toward partnering with United Way in battling poverty (26 April 2017, thestar.com)

Planned closure of hundreds of social housing units called ‘failure’ of governments as waiting list grows (25 April 2017, thestar.com)

Hydro One eliminating security deposits, returning $12M to customers (25 April 2017, globalnews.ca)

Ontario Introduces Bill to Protect Tenants from Unfair Rent Increases – Legislation Includes Rent Control Reform, Eviction Protections to Keep Rentals Affordable (24 April 2017, news.ontario.ca)

Giving More People an Opportunity to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead – Ontario Basic Income Pilot to Launch in Thunder Bay, Hamilton and Lindsay (24 April 2017, news.ontario.ca)

Ontario government set to reveal details on basic income pilot project (24 April 2017, globalnews.ca)

London councillor Mo Salih balks at paying United Way to fight poverty (23 April 2017, lfpress.com)

Deconstructed: The good, the bad and the ugly of Ontario’s 16-point plan to tame housing (21 April 2017, financialpost.com)

Moving out (April 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan (20 April 2017, news.ontario.ca)

Making Housing More Affordable (20 April 2017, news.ontario.ca)

Foreign buyers tax, expanded rent control coming to Ontario (20 April 2017, cbc.ca)

Sousa set to unveil 10 measures targeting housing affordability (18 April 2017, thestar.com)

Ontario embraces no-strings-attached basic income experiment (18 April 2017, thestar.com)

Nine MetCap buildings in Parkdale organize rent strike for May 1 (17 April 2017, insidetoronto.com)

New motion proposes stronger protections for temp agency workers (13 April 2017, thestar.com)

London council committee says $4.6M budget surplus should be used for affordable housing, tearing down old school (11 April 2017, lfpress.com)

Facing eviction, park residents eye legal action (10 April 2017, brantfordexpositor.ca)

Separation and Divorce: Child Support (April 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Legal clinic to challenge Safe Streets Act (10 April 2017, lawtimesnews.com)

Why this man would rather be homeless than live in ‘appalling’ apartment (10 April 2017, thestar.com)

Ontario Liberals reject fast-tracking of rent control bill (6 April 2017, cbc.ca)

On the radar: Suing in Small Claims Court (April 2017, cleo.on.ca)

London Food Bank: When it began 30 years ago, the food drive was seen as a temporary answer to hunger (6 April 2017, lfpress.com)

Report on enhancing civilian oversight of Ontario police expected today (6 April 2017, globalnews.ca)

Ontario ends onerous reviews for disabled people on welfare (5 April 2017, thestar.com)

Ontario to stop disclosure of expired medical suspensions on driver’s abstracts (4 April 2017, thestar.com)

Toronto’s out-of-control rent problem (4 April 2017, youtube.com)

Youth mental health services to expand (4 April 2017, lfpress.com)

Business group discovers being good is good for business (4 April 2017, thestar.com)

Ontario eyes measures to stop landlords hiking rents to dodge future rent control (4 April 2017, thestar.com)

Tenants at two west-end condos see rent double (3 April 2017, thestar.com)

Court upholds TTC’s random drug-testing policy (3 April 2017, thestar.com)

New program finds homes for 26 sex workers (2 April 2017, lfpress.com)

March 2017

Brantford city council bans use of temp agencies to hire workers (29 March 2017, thestar.com)

London teens may get the green light for free bus fare (29 March 2017, globalnews.ca)

Carding critic Toth gets nod for police board (28 March 2017, lfpress.com)

What can you do if you feel your housing is unsafe or you’re nervous about your fire escape? (28 March 2017, cbc.ca)

Now in Arabic: Disability benefits in Ontario: Who can get them and how to apply (27 March 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Ontario Providing Improved Access to Legal Services (27 March 2017, news.ontario.ca)

Ontario’s minimum wage to get a 20-cent adjustment (24 March 2017, 15andfairness.org)

Ontario Increasing Minimum Wage to Support Workers and Families (24 March 2017, news.ontario.ca)

Ontario’s child support law faces constitutional challenge (24 March 2017, thestar.com)

London leaders in technology and homelessness prevention sound off on federal budget 2017 (23 March 2017, globalnews.ca.)

Why you should file your income taxes – especially if you don’t make a lot of money (20 March 2017, nowtoronto.com)

Apply rent controls on newer buildings: Editorial (20 March 2017, thestar.com)

An opposition MPP says the homelessness budget increase comes only after past cuts and freezes (20 March 2017, lfpress.com)

Precarious jobs scar employees’ mental health: survey (20 March 2017, thestar.com)

London group home operator to be sentenced for fire code violations (20 March 2017, globalnews.ca)

Jordan Peterson got a warm reception at Western lecture (19 March 2017, lfpress.com)

‘Eviction by another name’: tenants upset about rent increases by Parkdale landlord (16 March 2017, news.yahoo.com)

Pilot project to introduce a basic income in Ontario gets strong public support (16 March 2017, thestar.com)

Private member’s bill calls for extension of rent control after CBC Toronto series (16 March 2017, cbc.ca)

‘Jobs are disappearing, and to me that’s a good thing’: Why we should abandon work (16 March 2017, cbc.ca)

Are short-term rental firms like Airbnb turning Toronto’s condos into hotels? (15 March 2017, thestar.com)

Thunder Bay lawyer’s focus on social justice earns Law Society’s highest honour(15 March 2017, cbc.ca)

Liberals should consider overhaul of parental leave benefits: study (15 March 2017, theglobeandmail.com)

Bosses who broke law haven’t learned their lesson, labour ministry blitz finds (15 March 2017, thestar.com)

Two other homes have closed in the wake of London’s new licensing bylaw, brought in after a 2014 fatal fire (14 March 2017, lfpress.com)

Taking time off work: Pregnancy and parental leaves and benefits (March 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Prosecution seeks $60,000 fine after London group home operator Keith Charles found guilty of 12 code violations (14 March 2017, lfpress.com)

Paralegals in family courts ‘not the solution,’ Toronto judge says (14 March 2017, thestar.com)

Toronto health officials recommend prescribing heroin to opioid addicts (13 March 2017, theglobeandmail.com)

Add women, change budgets? Underused gender policy tool finds new fans in Trudeau’s cabinet (13 March 2017, cbc.ca)

Western University bills student group for extra security for Jordan Peterson’s visit (12 March 2017, lfpress.com)

Paralegals can save legal system from overpriced lawyers: Cohn (10 March 2017, thestar.com)

Why Canada needs more female judges (10 March 2017, chatelaine.com)

Ontario Court of Appeal to hear appeals arguing that Mandatory Victim Surcharge is “cruel and unusual punishment” (9 March 2017, incomesecurity.org)

Rent increases (March 2017; cleo.on.ca)

Why Discrimination Is a Public Health Issue (8 March 2017, thetyee.ca)

Ontario employers should end gender-specific dress codes: report (8 March 2017, globalnews.ca)

StatsCan on gender pay gap: Women earn 87¢ to men’s $1 (8 March 2017, cbc.ca)

Hours of work and breaks: Workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities (8 March 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Layoff notices issued for 625 workers at CAMI (8 March 2017, globalnews.ca)

Why did it take this woman an entire year to get paid? (7 March 2017, thestar.com)

City moves forward with plan to target bad landlords (6 March 2017, cbc.ca)

Aboriginal elders team up with officers to build bridges between police and homeless (6 March 2017, cbc.ca)

Judge’s report urges Ontario to let paralegals appear in family court (6 March 2017, thestar.com)

Toronto landlords charging potential tenants money just to apply for an apartment, Radio-Canada finds (3 March 2017, news.yahoo.com)

Vulnerable Ontarians to see significant reductions in their electricity bills (2 March 2017, lowincomeenergy.ca)

Superintendent charged after residents complained of sexual assaults (2 March 2017, thestar.com)

Pilot project to provide youth in London better access to mental health, addiction services (2 March 2017, lfpress.com)

No Fixed Address: rental market for Torontonians on disability ‘absolutely horrible’ (1 March 2017, cbc.ca)

New guidelines help accommodate workers with addiction issues (1 March 2017, thestar.com)

Premier Kathleen Wynne to cut hydro rates by 25 per cent (1 March 2017, thestar.com)

February 2017

Steps to Justice: New content on Small Claims Court (28 February 2017, stepstojustice.ca)

Landlord pays high price for renter’s medical marijuana grow-op (27 February 2017, cbc.ca)

Big changes considered for Ontario workplaces (27 February 2017, cbc.ca)

Pot dispensary workers question what legal rights they have (22 February 2017, thestar.com)

NYC landlord accused of stabbing tenant to death over outstanding rent (23 February 2017, globalnews.ca)

Ontario speeds through bill to ban winter disconnections for non-payment of hydro bills (22 February 2017, thestar.com)

Canada’s Ontario to Test Universal Basic Income This Year (22 February 2017, sputniknews.com)

Lawyer ads, referral fees under fire in Ontario law society report (21 February 2017, thestar.com)

Draft of first Trump budget would cut legal aid for millions of poor (21 February 2017, theguardian.com)

Bill Gates: the robot that takes your job should pay taxes (16 February 2017, youtube.com)

Carding: If you want to know why London police have stopped you for questioning, you’ll have to file an FOI request (16 February 2017, lfpress.com)

$10,000 fine for Toronto homeowner who used agencies like Airbnb to find tenants (15 February 2017, thestar.com)

Cambridge, Ont., man pledges to spend 3 months in the cold to help area’s homeless (15 February 2017, globalnews.ca)

Local residents are having tough times finding affordable rentals and may end having to choose between food or rent (13 February 2017, ingersolltimes.com)

Judge rules in favour of ’60s Scoop victims (14 February 2017, thestar.com)

London bylaw: Few informal group home operators have applied for a mandatory new licence adopted in the fallout of a deadly 2014 fire (12 February 2017, lfpress.com)

OPSEU to take Community Living Tillsonburg to court over pay equity issues (11 February 2017, globalnews.ca)

Ontario Energy Minister says relief from winter disconnections won’t come this year (9 February 2017, globalnews.ca)

Newsroom : Ontario Providing Faster Access to Mental Health Services for Thousands of People (8 February 2017, news.ontario.ca)

EBay’s founder just invested $500,000 in an experiment giving away free money (8 February 2017, businessinsider.com)

Parkdale tenants take to the street to fight rent hike (8 February 2017, thestar.com)

Star launches legal challenge to end secrecy in Ontario tribunals (7 February 2017, thestar.com)

Anticipated Canadians with Disabilities Act to focus on employment: minister (6 February 2017, cp24.com)

Study looking into feasibility of supervised injection sites in London to be released (6 February 2017, globalnews.ca)

Londoners on welfare and disability assistance are having to choose between basic necessities (5 February 2017, lfpress.com)

Minister Bennett Announces Launch of Negotiations Towards National Resolution to Sixties Scoop Litigation (3 February 2017, news.gc.ca)

Employment Insurance Service Quality Review Report release (1 February 2017, news.gc.ca)

Province Holds Basic Income Consultation In London (1 February 2017, am980.ca)

January 2017

Couple in early 20s denied Toronto condo rental due to their age (30 January 2017, cbc.ca)

Payday loans association fights back against Coun. Mo Salih’s criticism (30 January 2017, lfpress.com)

Landlords attack how city boosted licence fees (30 January 2017, lfpress.com)

Legal aid is an integral part of the social safety net (30 January 2017, nationalmagazine.ca)

Toronto tenants crushed by rent hike exemptions (29 January 2017, theglobeandmail.com)

Legal loopholes cost workers millions in lost wages: Report (29 January 2017, thestar.com)

Organizations Call for Budget 2017 to be the “Housing Budget” (27 January 2017, newswire.ca)

Concept of ‘unbundled’ legal services gaining support (26 January 2017, thestar.com)

‘Massive disappointment’: Liberals urged to step up efforts to tackle sexual, domestic violence (24 January 2017, cbc.ca)

Wynne Promotes OSAP Changes During Visit To Fanshawe Aviation Centre (24 January 2017, am980.ca)

More self-represented litigants due to deficit? (23 January 2017, lawtimesnews.com)

On the radar: Good news for parents on social assistance who get child support (23 January 2017, cleo.on.ca)

Middlesex OPP Warn Of Rental Scam After Victim Pays For Nonexistent Rental (23 January 2017, am980.ca)

Ontario to add specialized Crown Attorneys, expand weekend court to speed up justice system (19 January 2017, lfpress.com)

PTSD: Beyond Trauma (19 January 2017, cbc.ca)

Got a question about the law? There’s a site for that . . . . (18 January 2017, thestar.com)

Self-represented defendants are a tricky problem for justice system (17 January 2017, metronews.ca)

Former C-K native shares experience of undergoing facial feminisation surgery (17 January 2017, lfpress.com)

Ontario landlords, here’s what to do if your tenant won’t pay rent: Reasonable Doubt (16 January 2017, nowtoronto.com)

Minimum-income plan could be Ontario Liberals’ last hope (16 January 2017, therecord.com)

LTB: January 16, 2017 New Summons Form (Lawyers and Paralegals Only) (16 January 2017, sjto.on.ca)

Legal aid should be expanded, not cut: Editorial (16 January 2017, thestar.com)

Report: Two Richest Businessmen Hold Same Wealth as 11 Million Canadians (16 January 2017, am980.ca)

Attorney general orders probe of Legal Aid Ontario (14 January 2017, thestar.com)

Disability tax credit not extended to those with mental illness (13 January 2017, thestar.com)

Federal government looks at creating new housing benefit for low-income renters (12 January 2017, thestar.com)

ODSP cases on the rise as link between poverty and mental health strengthens (11 January 2017, lfpress.com)

Ontario Increasing Mileage Rates for Social Assistance Recipients (11 January 2017, news.ontario.ca)

London police cadet has force handing out handmade hats and mitts to cold folks on the street (12 January 2017, lfpress.com)

Feds explore creation of new housing benefit (12 January 2017, southwesternontario.ca)

Basic income part of poverty debate (11 January 2017, thewhig.com)

Positive Voice program at Nokee Kwe in London (11 January 2017, lfpress.com)

Oregon woman evicted from senior housing for $328 in late rent freezes to death in parking garage (10 January 2017, usuncut.com)

Group seeks views on basic income pilot project (10 January 2017, thewhig.com)

Black people 3 times more likely to be street checked in Halifax, police say (9 January 2017, cbc.ca)

Legal system not doing enough for racialized members (3 January 2017, thestar.com)

Report: Canada’s Highest-paid CEOs Make 193 Times the Average Wage (3 January 2017, am980.ca)

Finland to pay basic income of $797 per month in attempt to encourage unemployed to take short-term jobs (2 January 2017, nationalpost.com)

Finland launches basic income experiment with Jan. 1 cheques for those in pilot project (2 January 2017, cbc.ca)

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