Neighbourhood Legal Services strives to provide up-to-date information from reputable or influential sources about what is happening in the community and on a larger scale. Here you can find a list of the articles and posts we have shared relating to our services and your legal rights.

News Highlight

Jeff Schlemmer with Neighbourhood Legal Services of London and Middlesex said the new rent rules also help protect tenants: “Where you had buildings built after 1991, if a tenant tried to enforce their rights, the landlord could increase their rent to an amount they knew they couldn’t afford and evict them.”

– Jeff Schlemmer, Executive Director and staff lawyer at NLSLM discussing the new rent rules introduced this year in the Rental Fairness Act. (Savings on the way for many tenants; 26 November 2017,


Province to cut funding at N’Amerind Friendship Centre, says executive director (5 March 2019)

Anti-poverty advocates urge specifics in London’s strategic plan (1 March 2019)

Public housing corporation seeks greater funding flexibility (26 February 2019)

Invisible Disabilities and the Workplace:  Help for Employees and Employers (January 2019)

New information on human rights / Du nouveau sur les droits de la personne (January 2019)

Indigenous languages bill coming ‘very soon,’ heritage minister says (31 January 2019)

SCC says trust is not disqualifying asset for rental assistance application (25 January 2019)

Law Society Marks the Day of the Endangered Lawyer: January 24

Consumers encouraged to have their say on Phase 2 of Customer Service Rules Review (23 January 2019)

Toronto landlord owes man with disabilities, daughter $60K after ‘campaign’ of harassment (23 January 2019)

YOU begins work on service centre, with affordable housing next (20 January 2019)

Add ‘sad lamps’ to the list of items on offer at London’s public libraries (20 January 2019)

Provincial cuts leave adults with disabilities ‘hanging on a ledge’ (18 January 2019)

Ford government poised to dissolve regional health agencies, sources say (17 January 2019)

London’s Mission opens 10 new beds for men in dire need (15 January 2019)

No more rent control for new apartments (January 2019)


‘It did seem too good to be true’: Ontario family warns of rental scam (10 December 2018)

London women’s shelter Anova eliminating front-line position due to lack of funding (5 December 2018)

Many questions, few answers, and great risk for people with disabilities (November 2018)

Ontario Government Goes Back to Failed Rent Control Policy (27 November 2018)

Is this the best they can do? The weak case against $14 in Ontario (20 November 2018)

Scrapping labour reforms is damaging Ford’s popularity: poll (13 November 2018)

London program lifts people out of poverty, builds confidence (13 November 2018)

Public health officials to deliver ‘important update’ about supervised consumption in London (1 November 2018)

Welfare reform is the Ford government’s next big project (1 November 2018)

No sign minimum wage hike was ‘job killer’ Doug Ford says it was (25 October 2018)

Ontario moves to hold minimum wage at $14 and end paid sick days (23 October 2018)

Tools to fill affordable housing gaps up at planning committee (25 October 2018)

Ontario moves to hold minimum wage at $14 and end paid sick days (23 October 2018)

‘This Tent Saves Lives’: Community response group ready to help London’s drug users (3 October 2018)

Toronto should build housing to fight homelessness, says U.S health expert (2 October 2018)

Amazon raising minimum wage for US workers to $15 per hour (2 October 2018)

Community leaders urge Ford government to resume opening overdose prevention sites (1 October 2018)

Tory renews calls for province to change rules on TCHC evictions (30 September 2018)

Future of London’s overdose prevention site expected to be decided this weekend (28 September 2018)

Anti-poverty advocates say small minimum wage hike would have helped (26 September 2018)

Ontario government to halt minimum wage hike set to kick in next year (26 September 2018)

Ford Says He Won’t Let ‘Kathleen Wynne And Her Cronies’ Walk Away From Spending ‘Scandal’ (24 September 2018)

Landlords developing house rules on cannabis (21 September 2018)

Ontario will have $15B deficit, not the $6.7B the Liberals projected: finance minister (21 September 2018)

Public health boss: Supervised drug-use site makes financial sense (21 September 2018)

MLHU to present business case for 2 permanent supervised injection sites in London (20 September 2018)

How our libraries can help the homeless (19 September 2018)

OW and ODSP Rates and the OCB 2018 (September 2018)

Mayors ask Ottawa to take over Ontario’s basic income pilot project (6 September 2018)

Helping Folks Vote in the Municipal Election (September 2018)

Mayors ask Ottawa to take over Ontario’s basic income pilot project (6 September 2018)

What every renter needs to know about tenant’s insurance (5 September 2018)

The right to appeal a decision about social assistance (September 2018)

23 overdoses, 0 deaths reported at temporary overdose prevention site in August: MLHU (31 August 2018)

Helping people with mental health disabilities access ODSP: An expert report on the complexity of mental health treatment in Ontario (30 August 2018)

What students need to know before signing a rental housing lease (29 August 2018)

Ontario jobs numbers contradict fears about raising the minimum wage (29 August 2018)

Ontario Renovates Program (28 August 2018)

Basic Income Recipients Will Sue Ontario Over Cancellation (28 August 2018)

Subsidized Youth Transit Pass (27 August 2018)

Holiday to mark legacy of residential schools spurs range of reactions (19 August 2018)

Ontario’s Social Assistance System: 100 days to fix it or to break it? (16 August 2018)

No, Ontario’s Minimum Wage Hike Didn’t Kill Jobs. Here’s The Proof. (3 August 2018)

People disappointed in changes to Ontario social assistance (1 August 2018)

Policy statement on cannabis and the Human Rights Code (July 2018)

Health unit meets with those living near proposed consumption site in London (26 July 2018)

Quebec health minister says Ontario’s plan to reconsider supervised injection sites a mistake (25 July 2018)

What are landlords allowed to ask? A lawyer weighs in (19 July 2018)

London’s public health officer seeks extension for temporary overdose prevention site (18 July 2018)

London’s shelters are too maxed out to help Toronto house refugees (16 July 2018)

Council set to approve subsidized teen bus pass (25 June 2018)

Doug Ford orders public sector hiring freeze in Ontario (18 June 2018)

Income security reform at stake with Thursday’s election (6 June 2018)

Racial Justice Report Card Shows Where Political Parties Stand on Racial Equity and Racial Justice (30 May 2018)

On the Radar – Voting on June 7 (June 2018)

Ontario’s Political Parties on Income Security & Social Assistance Reform (May 2018)

Your letters: Tribunal openness will hurt the vulnerable (5 May 2018,

Your letters: Tribunal ruling undermines privacy rights (11 May 2018,

This temp agency worker shows up at the same office every day. But his agency says he’s not a real employee (11 May 2018,

GoodLife Fitness settles unpaid wages class action (9 April 2018,

Liberals roll out social housing funding to keep 55,000 units in system (4 April 2018,

An Important Message from the Housing Stability Bank (28 March 2018)

Paralegal looks to stop unlicensed agents at LTB (12 March 2018,

Diplomatic immunity doesn’t cover rent, judge rules (2 February 2018,

Ontario landlords seek right to immediately ban marijuana use in rentals (22 Jan 2018,

Is rule banning cats unreasonable, unenforceable in condos? (13 Jan 2018,

London protesters slam Tim Hortons for ‘not treating workers fairly’ (10 Jan 2018,

New CRA tax-filing service for low-income individuals (Jan 2018,

‘Angry’ premier, labour minister to crack down on businesses over labour law (9 Jan 2018,

No Timmys Tuesday? Support grows for boycott of popular coffee chain (8 Jan 2018,

New provincial zoning regulations could help create more affordable housing, in more places (8 Jan 2018,

Wynne: Pick a fight with me Mr. Joyce, not those working the Tim Hortons pickup window (5 Jan 2018,

Sexual harassment could play a part in gender pay gap (5 Jan 2018,

Government ‘negligent’ in its failure to address mental health needs, says MPP Peggy Sattler (4 Jan 2018,

London Hydro: Unpaid bills skyrocketing amid deep freeze (4 Jan 2018,

Minimum wage increases could lead to 60,000 fewer jobs by 2019: Bank of Canada (3 Jan 2018,

Free prescription drugs now available for anyone under 25 (2 Jan 2018,

Technology, skills training helps local shops survive minimum wage hike (2 Jan 2018,

Subsidized transit pass for low-income Londoners now available (2 Jan 2018,