NLSLM and the Community

NLSLM has a mandate that extends well beyond the provision of direct client services in the clinic law areas of housing and shelter, income maintenance and social assistance. We also provide broader services targeted at the community as a whole. These types of services include community development, law reform and public legal education. These are referred to as outreach activities.

Our outreach activities include building relationships with other community agencies, lobbying politicians to improve the laws and policies affecting our clients, and providing legal training to agencies and groups of individuals. The purpose of this work is to improve life for Londoners and residents of Middlesex County. Our goal is to combat poverty through community work aimed at improving housing conditions and increasing income for all.

We encourage you to contact us to talk about how we can collaborate to tackle issues important to London and Middlesex.

Community Agency Training

NLSLM puts on annual training to community agencies in London and Middlesex once a year. Our Community Agency Training sessions provide legal education and legislative updates in the areas we practice.

2018 Presentation Materials

Community Initiatives

Ontario Renovates Program

The program provides grant/loan to low-to-moderate income seniors and person(s) with disabilities that resides in City of London or Middlesex County. Homeowners may apply for one-time grant up to $5,000 for home accessibility modifications and/or forgivable loan up to $15,000 for home repairs. Landlord/Tenant may apply for one-time grant up to $5,000 for accessibility modifications. Applicants will be required to provide documentation for income and asset eligibility assessment.

More details about this program and on eligibility can be found here.

Subsidized Youth Transit Pass

Starting September 1, 2018, young people aged 13 to 17 can purchase a monthly transit pass for $52.00/month.

In December 2017, as part of the annual budget update process, Council approved a 22-month pilot that will provide youth ages 13-17 with a subsidized transit pass for $52 per month. This pilot will begin on September 1st. September pass sales for the new Youth Transit Pass opened across the community last week.

Click here for more information on the subsidized youth transit pass.

Low-Income Transit Program

There are changes coming to who will be eligible for subsidized bus passes in London. On January 1, 2018, a price-reduced bus pass of $52.00 will be available to low-income individuals who qualify.

Previously, this subsidy was available to blind individuals and seniors only. In 2018 , every rider is income-tested to determine their bus pass rate. The reason for this change is to provide accessible public transit to more people in need in order to help remove barriers that affect their ability to gain and maintain employment, and to access health care, recreational, educational, and social activities for themselves and their families. Affordable transportation is a key component of enhancing the quality of life for all Londoners.

Click here for more information on how the new bus pass subsidy program will work.

As of January 1, 2017, children under the age of 12 ride the bus for free. (To access this service, children are required to tap an LTC fob on the smart card reader each time they board. FOBs are available free of charge at both LTC locations.)

Last updated November 27, 2018